Right Off Beirut Damascus Highway, Aley City Entrance.

Open Hours:

Daily, from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM


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Welcome to Aley Center,
The first commercial venture of its kind, set to change the face of the retail industry in the region. This 26,365 sqm project will comprise of a vibrant mix of commercial activity in the affluent area of Aley. With its primary focus on retail, and with the additional benefit of a mixed-use development approach, Aley Center will appeal to a large array of vendors and various occupiers, looking to base their operations in one of the most lucrative areas in Mount Lebanon.

Bobyan Real Estate has successfully developed numerous commercial, retail and residential projects that have virtually set a benchmark for competition. It offers the shrewd investor an unprecedented opportunity to maximize their return, whether they wish to invest in just one property or to build a portfolio. Within-house expertise and capability in project management, development consultancy and sales and marketing, they are vertically integrated, set to build the new face of Aley.Bobyan Real Estate is a member of the Kharafi Group of Kuwait, with diverse interests and activities worldwide. Established as a trading company more than 100 years ago, it has since developed into a large multi-national company.The Group’s activities covered are those in construction, real estate development, tourism, banking and financial institutions, manufacturing and commerce, and much more. The Kharafi Group now operates in more than 25 countries around the world and has more than 120,000 employees, continuing to march ahead with a firm commitment to development, growth and progress.

Aley Center – an eight level 26,365 meter squared retail, restaurant, business and entertainment complex, occupying the largest area of Aley’s retail epicenter. Not only a feat of modern technology but a practical necessity, Aley Center, offers a multitude of viable concepts. With thousands of visitors and residents steadily increasing in number year after year, this vital development fills a gaping hole in the area’s commercial district.